Friday, August 1, 2014

July: Month in Review

Gotta love the power of email.. and the kindness of coworkers! 
Asked to share their opinion about this July, I received an array of answers from my fellow WTOLers. 

Some were expected:


Some were filled with disappointment: 


Some were confused-- wait, was it REALLY July?


And some were downright creative:

Sandy.   I think it’s the best month to find somewhere where there is sand.

Facebook delivered as well:

One thing's for sure, this was an odd month.

July was a month of disappointment for some, and joy for others. Which is why I love the weather!
It's all relative. Based on personal preference and individual comfort (or tolerance!) levels.

Forgetting opinion for the moment, here's how the month stacked up against the record books:

July 2014 ties for the 3rd coolest July for Toledo ever.

With an average monthly temperature (including daily highs and lows) of 68.9°, July 2014 is only warmer than July 1891 (68.0°) and July 1965 (68.5°). July 2014 ties July 2009 for third place.

Our hottest July day was Tuesday, the 22nd, when the mercury read 91°. Our coolest overnight low was reported at 48° on the 31st.

There was a total of 0.83” of rain for the month, a 2.40” departure from normal!

64% of the month’s total rainfall occurred during one single event on July 23rd.

Overall, it was a dry and extremely mild month.