Monday, December 23, 2013

December Flooding

Widespread flooding will continue on area rivers and streams with many locations remaining under standing water.  Just how much rain fell this past weekend?  

This lined up very close to the forecast that we consistently called for Thursday and Friday of last week.  Here were those projections:

Moderate to major flooding will continue on many area rivers, with significant improvements the next 24 hours.  Here are a few rivers with the latest crest information.

Take a look at what the city of Findlay would look like from above at the crest of the flooding this morning at just shy of 15.5'. 

Many communities near rivers will continue to see flooded roadways.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE, DO NOT EVER DRIVE THROUGH A FLOODED ROAD.  You man never know the true depth of the water, if the road is washed out or the strength of the current.  Flowing water of 12" or less can sweep you off your feet and sweep away your vehicle.  

~ Meteorologist Chris Vickers