Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nearly Record Setting Hurricane Humberto

After a quiet 2013 Hurricane season (so far), Hurricane Humberto has entered the scene. Nearly breaking Hurricane Gustav's record (in 2002), Humberto is the second latest FIRST hurricane of the season on record. 

Typically a hurricane forms well before the second week of September, making Humberto remarkable for two reasons:

1. It is a late forming hurricane
2. It is the first official hurricane to form in the Atlantic for the 2013 season.

Humberto became a hurricane officially at 5am, 9/11/13, with sustained winds at 80mph and gusts up to 98mph. It has Category 1 status as of 11am Wednesday.

Humberto's projected path is going to take it for a spin around the Atlantic, making a left hand turn before falling apart, and being downgraded-- likely Thursday or Friday.

While Humberto poses no threat to land (or the US for that matter), it could be the start of a very active pattern in the Atlantic. After Hurricane Gustav formed late in the season in 2002, 3 additional hurricanes formed that year, two of which reached major status.