Tuesday, June 25, 2013

StormTrack Weather Spotter Sign-Up

 Here is your chance to join the StormTrack Weather Team! We are forming a team of social media weather spotters and we want your help. Be part of an exclusive group of trained spotters that will give us real time weather information. This will be an exciting new way to communicate with communities across our viewing area when nasty weather moves in.

Why create this group of storm spotters?
 During severe weather events it is important to get as many high quality reports as we can. That means accurate accounts of what you are seeing/have seen and pictures from what mother nature is doing where you are. In short, you will be a trained group of weather information sharers. If you are looking to join to have the 'biggest' or 'worst' report every storm, this isn't the group for you.

How do you sign up?
 Send an e-mail to rwichman@toledonewsnow.com to express your interest. Include what city you live and if you've ever been a storm spotter for the National Weather Service. We will reply with more information and how you can start reporting!

Are there any requirements?
 Yes! But not many.
1) You need to be active on Facebook or Twitter. That is, after all, how we will gather information.
2) A basic amount of storm knowledge will be required, such as cloud and severe weather structure. If you have never taken a class on storms before we will help with an online class and web chats!
3) Safety. We are not asking you to be a storm chaser or put yourself in danger. We simply are looking for storm reports and pictures when it can be done safely.

We are excited you want to be part of our team during severe weather. Again, this will be a great tool for helping warn others in the path of storms. But don't think this is just about us getting reports from you -- Our team of meteorologist will host video chats regarding severe weather events in which you may be invited in to speak, your pictures will be more likely to be used on-air and know your helping others that may be in the path of a storm. If you are ready to join, sign up today!