Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Fever On Hold This Year

It was this time last year the flowers began an early spring bloom, golf courses were packed and spring fever was in full spring.  The accelerator was floored on the warm-up as temperatures soared into the 70s and 80s for nearly a week and a half en route to the warmest March on record!  The average temperatures for March was 51.4° a whopping +13.0° above normal!  Here are some additional records and milestones from last March:

This is March after all and is often considered one of the most volatile months where huge swings and changes in weather can happen as the seasonal transition occurs.  It's misleading to state "what a difference a year can make" because there is little if any connection from a season one year to the next.  However, this March is so far is a HUGE difference compared to the last.  So far this month the average is 33.1° which is -0.9° below average and that likely to trend lower over the next week.  Here is a cool perspective on this March and the forecast compared to the record warmth for March of 2012:

Hold off spring fever for a little bit longer, spring is going to take its time getting here this season! 

~Meteorologist Chris Vickers