Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wettest Year on Record

Saying the weather has been wet is a bit of an understatement this year in northern Ohio.  Only briefly did we catch a dry streak in June (0.51") to start summer, otherwise this year saw the second wettest April (6.33") on record and new spots in the top 10 wettest months for May (5.88") and September (6.51"). 

Just to the east, Cleveland has topped an impressive feat.  Recent heavy rains have now made this the all time wettest year in Cleveland (54.59" as of October 19th)  That's right, it's only October and the record has already been broken!  This leaves the better part of 2 month to continue to run that total up.

The yearly precipitation for Toledo is quite impressive, but still well shy of threatening any records.  We stand at 37.34" for the year.  Here is a list of the top 5 wettest years in Toledo's recorded history:

1. 47.84 1950
2. 45.91 1881
3. 45.71 2006
4. 42.72 1929
5. 42.14 1913

 Click Here for a list of several locations across northern Ohio.