Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Evening Storm Update

Round one of the storm exited the area early this morning.  Round two hits this evening through tomorrow.

There is still going to be three distinct zones of concern:  the first will be southern Michigan.  This area will see the maximum amount of snowfall.  Additional amounts will range from 6-10" close to the stateline, to possibly exceeding a foot tonight into Wednesday in northern Hillsdale and Lenawee counties.

The second zone will be areas well south and southeast, where snow will transition to sleet and freezing rain and provide a glaze of ice in excess of 1/4 inch.  This will fall on top of the snow on the ground, creating a sheet of ice on the snow pack.  Areas from BG & Fremont and points southward.

The third zone lies in between the other two -- moderate to possibly heavy snow with the potential for some sleet and freezing rain.  Greater Toledo down to around Bowling Green could see 3-6" inches of snow, along with some sleet and perhaps a light glaze of freezing rain.

We will continue to update the forecast as the storm gets closer.  A simple shift of the mixed precip north or south by even just 20-50 miles will greatly alter snow accumulations.