Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monday-Tuesday storm

The next storm system will spread some light snow in during the mid to late evening Monday, probably after 7 pm.  Light snow will last for a few hours.  Any accumulations would be minor.

From midnight to daybreak on Tuesday, there is the potential for some hours of freezing rain or a mix.  We could have some icy conditions for the early part of the morning.

Temperatures will surge above freezing during the rest of Tuesday morning, allowing the precipitation to be just plain rain.  Highs will reach the mid/upper 30s.  As colder air returns late in the day Tuesday, the tapering precipitation could switch back to snow for a short time.

This storm will not produce heavy precipitation for us, but there could be some hours Tuesday morning that are slick.  With the warm air coming into the area over a decent snowpack, fog is also likely Monday night and Tuesday morning.