Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lake-Effect Snows

Stronger north to northwesterly winds will take hold Sunday night into Monday and Tuesday.  Much colder air will travel over the (relatively speaking) warmer lake waters.

Conditions will be very favorable for lake-effect snow showers.  Minor accumulations are possible in spots, but our eastern counties and extreme western counties (closer the Indiana border) may pick up a few inches of accumulation over the entire Sunday night to Tuesday time period.  Erie & Huron counties have the potential for heavier accumulation.

If you have travel plans during this period...northwest Indiana, northeast Ohio, northwest PA & NY will see heavier snow totals.  Periods of snow, sometimes squalls, will affect similar areas over and over.  Snowfall accumulations in these areas could easily exceed 10 inches by Tuesday morning, with possible higher totals (15"+) in some spots.

Updated forecasts and advisories can be found here.