Thursday, August 26, 2010

The active Atlantic

Hurricane Danielle will track near, but just east, of Bermuda.  This is actually affecting our weather -- the strong hurricane is effectively blocking our area of high pressure.  This will keep our weather fair and somewhat comfortable.  While humidity levels will not jump too high, temperatures will moderate quite a bit over the coming days.

On Danielle's heels is Earl.  This storm should become a moderate-intensity hurricane over the weekend.  Earl's track will be different.  As Danielle exits to the north Atlantic, our high pressure will track east off the eastern seaboard.  This high pressure will allow Earl to take a more southerly track.

Earl still has a lot of miles to cover, but initial track forecasts suggest this *could* be something of concern for Bermuda, the Bahamas and possibly the United States next week.

You can keep tabs on all the tropical activity with our Hurricane Tracker and the National Hurricane Center.

Another area of disturbed weather has moved off the west coast of Africa, and this may also gain strength in the next week.