Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tornado Update

The strongest tornado to strike northwest Ohio in over three decades has now been determined to be and EF4 tornado with max winds in excess of 170-175 mph! Here is some of the official report released by the National Weather Service.

County: Wood & Ottawa
Location: East of Perrysburg
Begin Time: 11:20 PM EDT
End Time: 11:30 PM EDT

EF Scale EF4
Wind Speed 170-175 MPH
Max. Path Width: 300-400 yards
Path Length 8-10 Miles
Fatalities: 5
Injuries: Numerous

A team of National Weather Service Meteorologists performed an extensive survey of the tornado path in northeast Wood and western Ottawa counties. It was determined that a tornado with an intensity of EF4 with winds of approximately 170-175 MPH moved through the area.

The tornado first touched down near I-80 and Oregon Rd. (east of Perrysburg) at 11:20 PM EDT, moved across the south side of Moline, near Metcalf Airport, across the northwest side of Millbury, into Ottawa county following Trowbridge Rd., and finally lifting at 11:35 PM EDT just west of Clay Center.

The most intense damage occurred in two locations. The first location was at State Route 795 near Lake High School and then again on the northwest side of Millbury. The damage near Lake High School was rated a strong EF3. The damage on the northwest side of Millbury was rated in the EF4 category due to the extreme damage to structures. Five fatalities and numerous injuries were attributed to the tornado.