Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday Storm

A storm system will track through our area Friday into early Saturday.  It will allow very mild temps to stay in the area until Saturday morning.

This storm will produce occasional rain and storms Friday through Saturday morning.  There will be many dry hours during this period, but the occasional rain will be heavy at times.

An analysis of many computer models over the last few days shows there is potential for over an inch of rain with this system.  Rainfall estimates have been as low as 1/2 inch, and as high as 2".

A cold front will pass through the area Friday night, and some hours of heavy rainfall look likely between midnight and daybreak Saturday.

By the way...this same storm has already produced some accumulations in the Rockies of 1 to 3 **feet** of snow, with additional snow falling today.  Snow will spread into part of the Plains, with western Nebraska and the Dakotas seeing a significant snowfall of 6 to 12".

That threat for snow will move well north of our area, so it will be just rain for us.  Colder air will, however, move into the region over the weekend and take highs back down into the lower 50s.