Friday, June 13, 2014

June's Full Strawberry Moon

Did you miss it? June's Strawberry Full Moon occurred Friday, June 13th at 12:11am. Yes, a full moon on Friday the 13th!! This is a rare occurrence. The last time it happened was October of 2000, 14 years ago! The next time a full moon will rise on Friday the 13th? August of 2049! 

In addition to this being a Friday the 13th moon, June's full moon is also a Super Moon. This means, the full moon phase occurs at the same time in the moon's orbit as when the moon is closest to the earth. This phenom makes the lunar object appear larger and closer.

Each full moon has a name and a meaning behind it. In this case, we're calling this moon the Strawberry Moon. Unsurprising to most, this correlation was made many, many years ago when Algonquin Tribes took this moon as a sign to gather ripening fruit-- specifically, strawberries! 

Since Strawberries are not indigenous to parts of Europe, this moon is also often known as the 'Full Rose Moon'. Unfortunately, the moon does not take on a rosy or reddish, strawberry hued color. 

Perhaps it is coincidence? But this weekend also celebrates the Holland Strawberry Festival on Angola Rd.