Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 14th Severe Weather Outbreak

via Storm Chaser Peter Ciro

via Storm Chaser Jesse Risley

As expected a large outbreak of tornadoes and severe weather hit the central United States Saturday into Saturday Evening. A preliminary count shows 100 tornado reports, but many of these were long tracked tornadoes reported twice so the actual count will be lower.

One of those storms tracked into Wichita, KS during our 11pm newscast on WTOL 11. Watching the storm and listening to the reports was incredible. These storms were so strong and in the perfect environment to produce incredible destruction.

Another tornado later in the evening hit the NW Oklahoma community of Woodward. Warning sirens were unable to sound for this storm because they had been reportedly struck by lightning. Leaving those without another source for weather information and warning, completely in the dark. Sadly 5 people have been reported dead as a result of this violent storm.

Woodward, OK via OK Red Cross

You will hear this preached all year long....Please NEVER EVER rely on outdoor sirens as your only source for warning. They are only intended to alert someone outside and not you in your sleep or inside your house.