Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh, Oklahoma.

For the year 2011, Oklahoma has been breaking records left and right. This year the state has recorded its coldest temperature, the most snowfall within a 24 hour period, the highest wind speed, an EF5 tornado, some of the warmest summer time temperatures on record, the largest hail and now, the strongest earthquake.

Saturday evening, following a weaker 4.7 magnitude earthquake, a 5.6 rattled the state, and went in the record books as the strongest earthquake for Oklahoma. Centered in Pague, OK, this 5.6 earthquake broke a nearly 60 year old record of a  5.5 magnitude quake in 1952.

(Source: The Guardian, Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty)

Sending a handful of people to the hospital and damaging several roadways and structures, this historical earthquake was felt by people within a 300 mile radius, including residents of Kansas City, Wichita, and as far south as Dallas! Two large aftershocks sent tremors through a more immediate region following the large quake. Seismologists say there were at least 40 aftershocks recorded after the initial event.