Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October: In Review

Above average rainfall totals, below freezing overnight lows, and unseasonable changes in temperature... These things can sum up the month of October.

Always a very transitional month, this October has provided our region with LOTS of variety. After a wet September, October broke the pattern with .05'' of rain on the first day of the month, then 10 straight days of sunshine and dry weather. Within those dry days, we saw temperatures jump way above average with 5 days in the 80s!

Once that was over, we skipped right over the 70s and landed in the 60s and 50s for the remainder of the month (save a few days in the upper 40s).

No worries, though! While we typically rely on cooler temperatures and less sunshine to help turn the color of the leaves, this year the process was delayed, but more vibrant that most years! Some significant rain showers blew through the region on the 19th (1.84'') and we saw temperatures dip below freezing on the 22nd.

No matter how you look at the development of the weather patterns this month, it still remains clear that things haven't quite leveled out. Into November, we'll look for a persistant cooling pattern and more consistent temperature changes.