Thursday, November 26, 2009

December Outlook

The National Weather Service has released its December outlook for temperatures & precipitation.  For our area, it translates to above normal temperatures and near normal precipitation.  [Clicking on the links will show maps of the outlooks]

This does not mean it will not be cold.  (In fact, current computer models suggest that December will open up on a chilly note.)  It just means when the month is totalled up and averaged, the result will be above our climatological normal.  We will still have some cold days, but some milder days will outnumber them.  Normal precip for December is 2.64" (rain and melted down frozen precip), and the normal snowfall is 8.3"

This does line up with a previous post about the winter ahead.  During El Nino winters (and this is one of them), the winter usually averages out to have above normal temps and near or slightly below normal precip.